QUBE Quantity Surveyors Contractual Services

QUBE Contractual Services

Contracts, Agreements and Disputes.

Understanding the fine print.

Contracts are there to protect everyone and we know how important it is to get it right from the start. With close to 30 years’ of experience in the construction industry, our contractual management services are second to none.

We’re here to select the right contract for your project, providing you with the maximum amount of protection and least amount of risk

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We also provide professional and independent advice for any pre-written residential and commercial building contracts. We’ll  evaluate the special conditions, advise risk and negotiate terms of the contract on your behalf in order to provide protection and mitigate risk.

We also act as ‘contract experts’ and provide full contractual dispute advice.

QUBE Contractual Services.
Building an understanding from the start.

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Attention to detail,
meticulous planning,
accurate costings.